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GO TO HELL 'Monopoly Pope' shirt

$15.00 USD - $19.00 USD


Go to hell, go directly to hell. Do not pass purgatory, do not collect $200.

Can you believe the Church got rid of Limbo? Just decided that doesn't exist anymore. Isn't that where all the aborted babies go? Damn the stakes just rose on this abortion debate, at least beforehand, they got sent somewhere. Now, you abort your baby and it's ilke it never existed!

Wait, what the hell are we talking about?

Maybe it's one of those things that the official rules say that Limbo doesn't exist or do anything, but if you land on it, it really depends on what the rules of the house are, sorta like Free Parking. Maybe that's where different denominations stem from; y'know, same rule book, same guy on all the cards, just going about it a different way.

In my house, the rules pretty much depended on how well my older sister was doing that particular game. Somehow I'd never actually win at anything, so I think I'm an atheist now, or something.

The Parker Brothers are false prophets.