MINDJACKET - Shirts From The Future, To You!


On sale! $5.00 USD


I have a few bins of old stock just sittin' around, leftovers from vending events, promos, one-off's, designs that never took off... While I'm proud of everything I've done as a screenprinter thus far, I need to make room for new ideas and possibilities. Also, I could really use these bins.

Besides, every shirt is high quality cotton that will be comfortable for years and years to come, with fine printwork that will stay brilliant just the same. Maybe you'll find a new favorite, or just something weird to work out in! Give them to your weird kids, or friends you only sorta know as gifts! The only limits are your imagination (and stocks!)

Plus it helps me fund future projects so you can pretend it's a Patreon and support me without getting paperwork involved!

(limited sizes and quantities)