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I Am A Member Of A Violent Street Gang. shirt.

$15.00 USD - $17.00 USD



Are you tired of "urban" gear that does not quite accentuate your thuggish-ruggishness? Sure, violent imagery and co-opted intellectual property gives warning to those with static that a prolonged encounter with you may cause them harm, but what if they just don't get it, despite all indication? Worry no more, friend, for this shirt alerts those who behold that the wearer is not one to be trifled with. Not only are you a formidable opponent, but you are affiliated with others who share your like-minded territorialism and propensity towards calamitous altercations. You could waste your time telling ne'er do wells of your set to 'act like they know', or you can wear this shirt and they will no longer have to act at all.

Or if you are in fact NOT a member of a violent street gang, I hear ironic t-shirts are all the rage these days. Truly an innovation in sociological demarcation.